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Jessica Sanders - Ali Larter

"Blah blah blah destiny, whine whine whine Nathan"

First Appearance: #1.1 "Genesis"

Location: Queens (New York), NY

Profession: Hospice Nurse

Known Relatives/Associates: Nathan Petrelli (brother), Heidi Petrelli (sister-in-law), Simon Petrelli (nephew), Monty Petrelli (nephew), Angela Petrelli (mother), Father (deceased), Simone Deveaux (love interest), Claude (mentor)

Powers: Peter can mimic the abilities of others. He also seems to have an empathetic ability where he may see things through others' eyes in his dreams.

Character Biography: Peter is the younger brother of Nathan Petrelli, and the less favored son. He has always felt it his mission to save people and becomes a nurse taking care of the dying. The first image of Peter we see is him standing on the ledge of a building about to jump off. He then awakes in a patient’s home. He tells his brother about all the fantastic dreams he’s been having, but his brother quickly dismisses them. Peter begins to question whether its worth it to save one person at a time, if maybe he was put on the planet to do something greater, and decides to quit his job as a nurse. He expresses his questions to his cab driver, who happens to be Mohinder Suresh. They discuss evolution, and that it is possible that some people are more “special” than others. Their talk is interrupted by a frantic call from Simone, his patient’s daughter, and Peter leaves quickly to meet her. She needs heroine for her friend, Isaac, and when Peter accompanies her to his loft, he sees his paintings for the first time. Isaac has painted an image of Peter flying off the roof.

Spurred on by this, Peter calls Nathan and tells him to meet him in an alley. When Nathan arrives, Peter jumps off the building, but falls. Nathan flies up to catch him, but loses his grip and Peter ends up in the hospital. When he wakes, Nathan tells him he tried to commit suicide, and that he didn’t see him fly. Later when Nathan uses Peter’s jump to soften his public image, confessing their family’s battle with depression. Peter becomes enraged and punches Nathan. Simone comes to his aid and they end up kissing in the rain, depicting the exact scene Isaac sketched some weeks before.

Peter finds the book written by Chandra Suresh and instead finds Mohinder at his late father’s apartment. Peter tells him while at Isaac’s loft he was able to paint the future and while with Nathan he was able to fly, he begins to suspect his power is being able to mimic the powers of others.

Later Peter first encounters Hiro on the subway, he claims to be from the future and tells Peter he must save the cheerleader to save the world, setting into motion the arc for the season.

Peter visits Isaac’s loft to look for clues in his paintings to find the cheerleader. They realize the paintings are part of a panel, with one part missing that’s been sold to Linderman. He tries to enlist the help of Nathan to retrieve the painting, but he refuses to help Peter, later retrieving the painting on his own.

Simone tells him Nathan bought the painting back from Linderman, but destroyed it, thinking he was saving Peter from his delusions. But she shows him a photo of the painting, depicting homcoming at a high school in Odessa, TX, where they believe they’ll find the cheerleader. After contacting Hiro, Peter arrives at Claire Bennet’s high school, and runs into her for the first time. They soon encounter Sylar, and Peter tries to save her, heading Sylar off at the school’s stadium, but they both fall several feet from the top of the bleachers, and because he was able to mimic Claire’s power of regeneration; he survives. The police find Peter covered in blood and arrest him.

Matt is one of the officers questioning Peter, hoping to find clues to Sylar, he is no longer a suspect after they discover the blood he’s covered in is his own. Peter unwillingly mimics Matt Parkman’s power of being able to read minds, but their powers collide creating a static and Matt is unable to read Peter’s mind. Nathan comes to bail him out, and Peter can barely walk, and collapses in the hall, he has a vision of being in the middle of New York City surrounded by people, all the ones we’ve met so far with powers, all of them running to get away from him, except his brother, when he explodes in a bright red explosion. He wakes trembling, and tells Nathan that he causes the explosion in New York.

Featured Episodes: #1.1 "Genesis"; #1.2 "Don't Look Back"; #1.3 "One Giant Leap"; #1.4 "Collision"; #1.5 "Hiros"; #1.7 "Nothing To Hide"; #1.9 "Homecoming"; #1.10 "Six Months Ago"; #1.11 "Fallout"; #1.12 "Godsend"

Actor Biography: 29-year-old Milo already has an impressive body of work in both television and film. He had starring roles in the short-lived WB series The Bedford Diaries and a roles on Gilmore Girls and the Fox series Opposite Sex. He’s made guest appearances on shows such as CSI and Boston Public. At one point Milo's Gilmore character of Jess Mariano was considered for his own spin-off television series.

He’s starred in several films, including, “Cursed” and 2005’s “Dirty Deeds”. He can currently be seen in theaters in “Rocky Balboa” playing Sylvester Stallone’s character’s son.

Milo currently lives in Los Angeles, and according to his NBC profile, enjoys snowboarding, skateboarding and restoring vintage cars.

Profile Contributors: Melanie Maclin

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