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Jessica Sanders - Ali Larter

"Everyone's entitled to their secrets, Peter."

First Appearance: #1.1 "Genesis"

Location: New York, NY

Profession: U.S. Congressional Candidate

Known Relatives/Associates: Peter Petrelli (brother), Heidi Petrelli (wife), Simon Petrelli (son), Monty Petrelli (youngest son), Angela Petrelli (mother), Father (deceased).

Powers: Nathan has the power of flight, with the ability to fly fast enough to create a sonic boom.

Character Biography: Nathan Petrelli is the older brother of Peter Petrelli, and is depicted as mostly unsympathetic. He’s a ruthless overachiever who’s running for U.S. Congress, and often puts his campaign ahead of his family, which consists of his wife who is wheelchair bound, and two sons. In the series opener we first see Nathan fly when Peter, upset that Nathan doesn’t believe the dreams he’s been having, leaps off a building to prove he can fly. Nathan catches him in mid-air, but later denies he flew to Peter, saying he merely thwarted Peter’s suicide attempt. The fact that Nathan will not accept his abilities or what Peter believes is his destiny is the source of much conflict between the brothers. Nathan uses Peter’s leap to his advantage, telling the press of his family’s problems with depression, trying to soften his harsh public image. Nathan’s political aspirations lead him to have dealings with mafia-connected Linderman, and during a trip to Las Vegas to seek campaign funds, Nathan finds himself seduced by Niki Sanders— sent by Linderman, who films the tryst to blackmail Nathan. Nathan is then kidnapped from his hotel bed by Mr. Bennet and the Haitian, while Niki is allowed to remain. He soon escapes and when trapped on the roof, he takes flight so fast he causes a sonic boom.

His dealings with Linderman continue after the failed blackmail attempt. When Peter asks him to help him locate a missing painting, painted by Isaac, who Peter believes can paint the future, Nathan contacts Linderman himself, after refusing to help Peter find the painting. Nathan has Linderman send the painting to the gallery. He sees that the painting depicts Peter exploding and destroys the image with a can of paint, saying he’s saving his brother’s life.

In the episode ‘Six Months Ago’ we learn why Nathan feels guilty about his wife’s accident that caused her paralysis. Displaying his power for the first time, Nathan was able to hover over the car that tried to run him and his wife off the road in their convertible, while his wife is left to crash in the car. By Fallout, Nathan is still denying what he sees as Peter’s crazy theories about saving the world, but when he goes to bail Peter out of jail following the events of ‘Homecoming’, Peter passes out in his arms, and when he wakes, he tells him that he is the one exploding.

Featured Episodes: #1.1 "Genesis", #1.2 "Don't Look Back", #1.3 "One Giant Leap," #1.4 "Collision," #1.5 "Hiros," #1.7 "Nothing To Hide," #1.9 "Homecoming," #1.10 "Six Months Ago," #1.11 "Fallout"; #1.12 "Godsend"

Actor Biography: Adrian Pasdar is a long-time veteran of television, starring for two years as Amy Gray’s on again, off again boyfriend on Judging Amy, as well as starring or recurring roles on shows such as Profit, Desperate Housewives, and Touched by an Angel. He’s also starred in various TV-movies for Lifetime, Showtime, and NBC.

Pasdar is no stranger to film either, starring along with Tom Cruise in Top Gun, as well as films such as Near Dark, Secondhand Lions, and Carlito’s Way. He’s also an accomplished director and producer.

Pasdar lives in Los Angeles with his wife, the Dixie Chicks' Natalie Maines, and their two children.

Profile Contributors: Melanie Maclin

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